Case Studies

  • Elegant Marble Vanity

    Elegant Marble Vanity

    A new homeowner wanted to avoid the cost of replacing this marble vanity top, neglected by previous homeowners...

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  • Utility Countertop Restored

    Utility Countertop Restored

    Around the fixtures of this utility sink there was a large area of calcium build up on the granite countertop...

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  • Marble Etch Removal

    Marble Etch Removal

    The cleaner used on the tub fixtures dripped on the surface of the marble, causing etch damage...

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  • terrazzo-lobby-before

    Terrazzo Lobby Floor Polished

    Years and years of dirty wax build up had taken a toll on the appearance of a terrazzo floor in…...

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  • Limestone Discoloration Removed

    Limestone Discoloration Removed

    The appearance of this gorgeous stairway was diminished from heavy discoloration due to exposure to the elements...

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  • Saltillo Stain Removal

    Saltillo Stain Removal

    The previous owners of this Austin, TX home had stained the Saltillo dark in the entrance and kitchen area...

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  • Like-New Limestone Patio

    Like-New Limestone Patio

    The homeowners didn't realize that years of improper care were contributing to severe discoloration...

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  • New Look for Mudroom

    New Look for Mudroom

    The limestone mudroom in this Austin, TX residence has been subject to high traffic and heavy use...

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  • University of Texas Project

    University of Texas Project

    At the University of Texas in Austin, TX, old carpeting was removed from the President's Office...

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  • Garage Floor Polished

    Garage Floor Polished

    In the garage of an Austin, TX fire station, the concrete floor was old and heavily damaged...

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  • Firehouse Terrazzo Floor

    Firehouse Terrazzo Floor

    In a busy fire station in Austin,TX, it had been a long time since anyone had provided professional terrazzo restoration…...

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  • Concrete Driveway Restored

    Concrete Driveway Restored

    This newly installed driveway had an unsightly chalky pink appearance. The homeowners were disappointed in the way it turned out...

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  • Polished Concrete Flooring

    Polished Concrete Flooring

    Austin, TX homeowners wanted to turn a previously carpeted space into a bright modern space with concrete flooring...

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  • Saltillo can be dyed

    Saltillo can be dyed

    Saltillo can be dyed for a very unique look. In this case, the finished result looked like aged leather...

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  • New Life for Terrazzo Floor

    New Life for Terrazzo Floor

    This 1950s terrazzo floor had been covered in carpet for decades...

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  • Uneven Tiles Leveled

    Uneven Tiles Leveled

    Due to a bad installation, the marble tiles were uneven...

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  • Vanity Elegant Again

    Vanity Elegant Again

    This marble vanity countertop was completely etched...

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  • Marble Floor Polished

    Marble Floor Polished

    Acidic liquids caused a chemical reaction called etching...

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  • Deep Cleaned Grout

    Deep Cleaned Grout

    Allergens and contaminants were lurking in this break room...

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  • Alamodome Floor Restored

    Alamodome Floor Restored

    Architectural firm wanted to revitalize 102,000-square-foot concrete floor...

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  • Glass-Like Concrete

    Glass-Like Concrete

    This dirty-looking concrete floor was uninviting...

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  • Saltillo Floor Gets Facelift

    Saltillo Floor Gets Facelift

    This saltillo floor had layer upon layer of coatings...

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  • Terrazzo Floor Crack Repair

    Terrazzo Floor Crack Repair

    A large crack in this terrazzo was a substantial eyesore...

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  • Old Terrazzo Restored

    Old Terrazzo Restored

    Although regularly swept and mopped, this terrazzo looked dirty...

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  • Damaged Granite Repaired

    Damaged Granite Repaired

    This granite countertop looks like it needs to be replaced...

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  • Marble Clarity Restored

    Marble Clarity Restored

    This 1950s checkered marble floor was showing its age...

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