Glass-Like Concrete

  • concrete-before
  • concrete-after
  • unpolished-concrete
  • polished-concrete

Floor diminishes foyer appearance

This large, open, light-filled foyer was supposed to be an impressive design statement that created a professional, positive impression for employees and customers. But as you can see in the BEFORE images, the dull, dirty-looking concrete floor was really detracting from the look and feel of the space.

Concrete services resolve problem

Our floor machines are equipped with special diamond-encrusted pads that can grind, hone, and polish concrete to a high gloss, so reflective, it looks like glass, as you can see in the AFTER images. We did not apply any coatings to this floor. This finish is completely natural and very easy to maintain.

Showroom ready again

The entire vibe and atmosphere of this foyer has been dramatically improved with the restoration of the concrete floors. The space is now warm and inviting.

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