Marble Clarity Restored

  • checkerboard-marble-floor-before
  • checkerboard-marble-floor-after
  • marble-polishing-San-Antonio

Former glory faded

This 1950s thasos and negro maquina marble floor, set in a checkered pattern reminiscent of a soda shop, was really showing its age, as you can see in the BEFORE images. It had a cloudy appearance from fine scratches and worn-in dirt, etching from acidic spills, and an overall dull look.

Restoration process

We honed the floor to remove the unsightly upper layer, revealing the brand-new stone underneath. Then we polished it to a glass-like shine.

Fantastic results

As you can see in the AFTER images, we were able to bring back the color and clarity the floor once had when it was first installed decades ago. Our restoration process returned the former glory to this midcentury gem of a floor.

To learn more about our marble and other natural stone restoration services, watch this short video or visit our natural stone services page.

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