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Floors "drabby" from repeated waxing

When the architectural firm Marmon Mok looked for a way to revitalize the 102,000-square-foot concrete floor on the plaza level of the Alamodome, it consulted with StoneCare of Texas of San Antonio. They were looking for a flooring solution that would wear well and require only minimal maintenance. This firm had designed the popular, multipurpose, domed stadium some 14-years before and retained responsibilities for overseeing all upgrades.

The facility, which hosts sporting events, such as the recent Final 4 NCAA basketball championship, concerts, conventions, and trade shows, can comfortably seat up to 65,000 and is expandable to over 72,000 seats. The plaza level floor that circles the perimeter of the seating was showing signs of age and had many layers of wax over bare concrete. Repeated waxing and painting over the years had darkened the floor’s appearance and was absorbing much of the natural ambient lighting.

StoneCare of Texas had the solution: FGS/PermaShine.

14-year-old floor bright and cheery again

Concrete, a tried and true flooring material, has performed underfoot for nearly two centuries and is now emerging as a highly attractive, long-wearing, easy-to-maintain, and affordable flooring option. For many types of facilities, FGS/Permashine, a concrete restoration process, is paying off with maximized durability, minimized maintenance, and an aesthetic “look” that draws accolades. Today, structurally sound concrete floors, old or new, can be smoothed, dry polished, hardened and densified (a process that chemically alters the composition of the top wear surface).

Polished concrete floors do not require waxing, sealing, or frequent maintenance other than simple mopping to maintain a highly polished, scuff-free look. FGS/PermaShine can also include color dyeing of the surface wear layer, which can result in substantial savings in annual maintenance costs over alternative flooring.

Minimal downtime

FGS/PermaShine offers a mechanical, dust-free, polishing floor system that features an innovative diamond grind, dry polish, and densifying process that involves minimal downtime. This feature alone was attractive to the owners, as it enabled tight booking schedules to be fit into short windows of opportunity between events while allowing uninterrupted use of the dome.

The rejuvenation of the floor at the Alamodome took about eight weeks with the installers averaging about 3,000 square feet per shift and work proceeding around the circumference of the dome. There was no interruption of daily operations, as the work was done during off hours and finished floor areas were immediately accessible after treatment.

NFSI, ADA, and OSHA compliant

In addition to being attractive and durable, the polished concrete floor meets the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) standards for certification as a “high traction” floor, retaining its safe non-slip qualities under both dry and wet conditions. The floor also complies with ADA and OSHA recommendations for interior floor surfaces.

“Stadium management is very pleased with the degree of shine and how well it reflects light and illuminates all the corridors. The Alamodome floor used to look drabby. Now it is much brighter and cheerier,” notes Bibi Nunez, project manager at Marmon Mok. Indeed, consensus around San Antonio is that “the FGS/PermaShine floor is beautiful. Everyone in the city is thrilled with it.”

We can repair and restore your concrete floor and make it look beautiful again. Contact us online or call us: SAN ANTONIO (210) 656-8019 or AUSTIN (512) 250-2613.


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