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In the busy garage of an Austin, TX fire station, the concrete floor was old and heavily damaged. Given the amount of traffic and use in the area, stripping and waxing the concrete was out of the question. The firefighters needed a long term solution that would not require much time or effort to maintain.


First we prepared the concrete by grinding and densifying the entire floor. Concrete is a porous material, meaning that it is full of tiny holes that interrupt the uniformity of the surface. Densifying the concrete is a process that levels out the surface, makes it harder and more durable, and better able to withstand the polishing process.

Then we gave the concrete a natural polish, as well as a guard (a clear coating to inhibit wear and staining) and burnish (buff) for additional shine and stain protection.

Now the garage floor in this fire station won't require stripping, waxing, or frequent maintenance other than a simple sweep and damp mop to maintain a highly polished appearance.

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