Elegant Marble Vanity

  • marble-vanity-before
  • marble-vanity-after


New homeowners wanted to avoid the cost of replacing this marble vanity top, neglected by previous homeowners. They called us for a free estimate on having their marble vanity restored.


First, we diamond honed to get rid of years worth of acidic etching and wear. The honing process removes a very thin upper layer of the stone, virtually erasing damage and revealing the brand new stone underneath. We restored the marble to its previous elegant natural finish and then sealed it with a penetrating sealer.

To learn more about our marble and other natural stone restoration services, watch this short video or visit our natural stone services page.

Don't replace dull looking marble, have it restored to like new. Contact us online or call us: SAN ANTONIO (210) 656-8019 or AUSTIN (512) 250-2613.