Limestone Discoloration Removed

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  • limestone-discoloration-removed
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Exposure to the elements and overall neglect had greatly diminished the gorgeous appearance of this stairway at the front entry of a high-end Austin, TX residence. See the black patches in the BEFORE images? These were caused by a heavy buildup of dirt, grime, contaminants, and mildew, and removing them required special attention and effort.


First, we pre-treated the entire surface of the stairway with an industrial grade, stone-safe limestone cleaner. After allowing ample dwell time, we used a special hand tool to clean the surface of each step and painstakingly hand-scrubbed along the sides, to thoroughly remove the dark discoloration. Once the limestone was completely cleaned, we applied a penetrating sealer, to inhibit future staining.

As you can see in the AFTER images, we achieved dramatic results, leaving the staircase looking elegant and inviting once again.

In addition, we provided the homeowners with educational materials and recommended cleaning products (available here), and suggested a proper maintenance regimen for the future.

To learn more about our natural stone restoration services, visit our natural stone services page.

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