Bring out slate's true colors.

Has it become dull and lifeless? Are you looking to have the color enriched?

Slate is a durable, versatile and practical stone that is used in flooring, countertops, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, even accent walls. Although it is common grey in color, there are natural variations of slate with green, yellow, blue and red hues. Slate's uneven surface can be left alone for a natural look, or honed down to create a neutral appearance that complements both traditional and contemporary designs.

Slate is not impervious to damage

Although slate is very durable and stands up well to heat and scratches, it can still chip, crack, absorb stains or become dull over time. The slate experts at Stonecare of Texas can strip any wax coating or sealer from your slate, then properly seal it.

Color Enhancers and Sealers

We can use a color enhancer to bring out any natural color hues. Adding a sealer can help protect your new slate surface from future stains. We offer one of most durable professional sealers available for slate. The Stonelok MLT sealer does not scuff or yellow like some acrylic or epoxy sealers, and can hold up to substantial use and foot traffic.

We are your slate experts

Our professional technicians understand the unique qualities of slate. We can also educate you on the proper care of your slate surfaces so that your slate can look great all the time.

We can repair and restore your slate and make it look beautiful again. Contact us online or call us: SAN ANTONIO (210) 656-8019 or AUSTIN (512) 250-2613.


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