Terrazzo Lobby Floor Polished

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  • terrazzo-floor-polishing-austin-tx


Years and years of dirty wax build up and heavy foot traffic had taken a toll on the appearance of this terrazzo lobby floor in one of Austin, Texas' state office buildings. Notice how dull and drab the floor looks in the BEFORE image.


To eliminate disruption to our client's normal routine, we performed the job during evening hours when the office was not in use.

As always, we used masking tape and plastic sheeting to protect the surrounding area and then set to work.

We stripped the floor to completely remove all topical residues. Our diamond grinding and honing process erased surface damage caused by foot traffic and tracked in dirt and grime. We used a series of progressively finer grits to restore the beautiful, natural polish, which will stay looking great over a longer period of time without the need for waxing or coating. You can see the beautiful results in the AFTER image.

Our final step was to seal the terrazzo with a penetrating sealer to inhibit staining.

To learn more about our terrazzo restoration services, watch this short video or visit our terrazzo services page.

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