Marble Etch Removal

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The Austin, TX owners of this beautiful marble tub deck had no idea that the cleaner they used on the tub fixtures could cause so much damage to the stone around them. Like many people who are not stone professionals, they didn't realize that calcium based natural stones like marble, limestone and others react chemically to acidic cleaners (or other acidic substances). This chemical reaction creates etching, (this often looks like water rings or splash marks) which damages both the polish and the surface of the stone.


We carefully masked and protected the surrounding area and fixtures, as we do with every job.

Our restoration process involved a wet diamond hone and polish to restore the natural finish. The marble honing removed a very thin upper layer of the stone, virtually erasing the etch damage, and the marble polishing restored the glossy finish to blend beautifully with the surrounding area. We also sealed the tub surround with a penetrating sealer.

To learn more about our marble and other natural stone restoration services, watch this short video or visit our natural stone services page.

Don't replace dull looking marble, have it restored to like new. Contact us online or call us: SAN ANTONIO (210) 656-8019 or AUSTIN (512) 250-2613.


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