Utility Countertop Restored

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  • granite-calcium-build-up-removed


There was a large area of calcium build up on the granite countertop around the fixtures of this utility sink. The Austin, TX homeowners could not remove the scaling with regular cleaning methods and over the counter stone-safe cleaners, so they called us for a solution and a free estimate.


We pretreated the countertop with special industrial-grade solutions safe for use on granite and other types of natural stone. After allowing ample dwell time, we used a special hand tool equipped with a rotating honing pad to remove the heavy build up. Once all trace of it was gone, our final step was to apply a penetrating granite sealer to inhibit staining.

To learn more about our granite and other natural stone restoration services, visit our natural stone services page.

Don't replace damaged granite, have it restored to like new. Contact us online or call us: SAN ANTONIO (210) 656-8019 or AUSTIN (512) 250-2613.


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