Polished Concrete Flooring

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Austin, TX homeowners wanted to turn a previously carpeted space into a bright modern space with concrete flooring. Once the carpet was removed, they saw what poor condition the concrete underneath was in (see the BEFORE images), with carpet glue stuck everywhere and decades worth of dirt and grime sullying the porous surface of the concrete.


First we scraped the concrete to remove the excess carpet glue and then ground away a very thin surface layer of the concrete, virtually erasing the remaining carpet glue, embedded dirt and grime, scratches, and spots.

As we worked, we swapped out the diamond encrusted pads on the machine, using a series of progressively finer grits to hone and polish the concrete.

The biggest challenge of this job was navigating in relatively close quarters with a large piece of concrete grinding equipment. But as you can see in the AFTER images, we gave the floor a beautiful, glossy shine. Our clients were very satisfied with the outcome.

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